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The route between Prague (Praha) and Berlin connects the Czech and German capitals, both of which belong to most visited locations worldwide. Berlin is located approximately 360 kilometres north of Prague, near the border with Poland, and the travel takes approximately 4hours and 45minutes by public transport with prices starting at 63 Euros (1706 CZK). Shuttle Me! operates direct door-to-door shuttles between Prague (Praha) and Berlin taking 4hours.

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Shuttlebus Berlin - Prague

On your travel between Prague (Praha) and Berlin, you can also visit other locations to split the journey into smaller parts. We can suggest the chateau of Veltrusy (about 30mins away from Prague) with its magnificent garden and enjoy the tour here or a cup of coffee. Alternatively, you can visit Terezin, which served as a Nyzi concentration camp during WWII and was turned into a memorial dedicated to victims of the Second World War. We can also recommend visiting the German town of Pirna located on the Elbe river with rich history and its chateau of Sonnenstein (once a Nazi extermination centre), which is considered a gate to an area known as Czech-Saxon Switzerland. Approximately half-way, we would suggest visiting the German city of Dresden (the capital of the German region of Saxen - Sachsen). Although Dresden has a long history, it burned out in the middle ages and was bombed out at the end of WWII in 1945 destroying 60% of the city. It managed to recover and offers wonderful experience, both thanks to its history and present culture.

Direct travel by public transport between Prague (Praha) and Berlin takes at least 4hrs and 45mins. To get your train or bus, city transport in Prague or city transport in Berlin are the best way how to get to the local stations.

We provide direct and comfortable shuttles between Prague (Praha) and Berlin for unbeatable prices with the duration of approximately 4 hours. We also provide scenic transfers on your travel between Prague (Praha) and Berlin with stop-overs at other points of interest on the way. Simply go to our booking form to get the cheapest offer or use the booking form below!

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