shuttle europe! booking process

Our prices

Our price policy is based on economy and ecology of transportation. We reward fully seated vehicles with lower price. Therefore our shared shuttle prices decrease with each new booked seat. And not only for the newly booked traveller, but the whole car!

Base price

Base price is the price paid for a shared shuttle with only one passenger on board. This price is regularly compared and equaled to our competition so that we can always offer the best price possible.

Sharing is caring

From two passengers up, our prices are unbeatable! And the price drops with each added passenger so you can get the best price per person with a car full of happy passangers. Share shuttle europe to your friends on social media and get an additional discount!

Transfer guarantee and deposit policy

We guarantee your seats under all circumstances. Vice versa, we can only confirm your booking after you have provided all the details required by European legislation and also paid a deposit. The deposit is 30% of the base price for each person and has to be paid via credit card or a PayPal account.

Cancellation and refunds

We will refund your deposit (please, note that transaction fees apply) if you cancel more than 7 days before your booked transfer. However, we cannot return your deposit if you do not show up (no-show) for your shuttle or if you cancel your confirmed booking fewer than 7 days in advance.

Contact Us if your plans change

If your plans change, you can modify your booking (date or time of departure, address, number of passengers). Please, note that all such changes are always subject to availability. With changes required fewer than 7 days in advance + in cases, when there is no suitable solution, the change cannot be performed.

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